“Successful Freelance Writing Online” Just Got Better!

Successful Freelance Writing OnlineEver since I first released Successful Freelance Writing Online back in November I’ve had the idea of multiple price points in mind. It gives people with differing budgets the opportunity to purchase the guide and also allows me to pack even more value into the higher price point versions.

With that said, I am really excited to announce the upcoming new versions of Successful Freelance Writing Online today. Read on to find out more!

What to Expect

The first price point for the guide will now be just $27 — less than the price of a meal for two at most restaurants (and far more rewarding in the long run ;-)). However, this doesn’t mean that you will get a “budget” product — here’s what’s included:

  • Successful Freelance Writing Online: my 30,000 word, 150 page guide to getting paid to blog.
  • Blogs That Pay: a collection of 45 blogs that will pay you $50 or more per article.
  • An exclusive video interview with Sophie Lizard of Be a Freelance Blogger — a successful freelance writer.
  • Two actionable checklists for:
    • Creating a blog that will attract freelance clients on autopilot
    • Writing great blog posts every time

The second price point for the guide will be $47 and includes all of the above features in addition to:

  • What Next? A Guide to Taking Your Freelance Career to the Next Level. Featuring interviews with:
  • 5 completely exclusive articles on freelance writing:
    1. My Comprehensive 9 Step Process to Writing Blog Posts Quickly (and Making Much More Money)
    2. 8 Ways to Increase Your Freelance Writing Earnings (Without Asking for a Raise)
    3. 6 Steps to Staying Focused on Your Daily Freelance Work
    4. The 9 Tools and Services That Every Freelance Blogger Should Use
    5. The 5 Most Elusive Qualities That Many Freelance Bloggers Lack

What Next? is a seven part series of video and audio interviews with some extremely successful folk. It includes a huge variety of invaluable and practical tips relating to freelance writing and also gives you actionable advice for expanding your business and diversifying into additional income streams (such as copywriting, blog editing, information products and membership sites).

Finally, the third price point will be $147. That includes everything listed above in addition to two thirty minute one-on-one sessions with me via Skype or telephone, in which you can ask me anything you want about freelance writing.

When Can I Buy?

The new price points will go live in just two weeks, on Monday the 28th January.

However, if you can’t wait that long and are interested in the $47 or $147 versions of the guide, you don’t have to wait! Just buy now and you’ll get the updated version as soon as it is completed, and you can request one-on-one sessions at any time by emailing me.

If you’d like to be informed of when the new price points go live, just sign up to the notification list by entering your email address below and hitting “Notify Me!”:

Have You Already Bought the Guide?

If you already have the guide — whether you bought it in the pre-launch period or during the last couple of months — an updated version including all of the features included in the new $47 version will be made available to you as soon as it is completed (no later than 28th January).

Comments and Feedback Welcomed!

I’d love to know what you think about Successful Freelance Writing Online’s new price points and features. Please feel free to leave any comments and feedback below!


  1. says

    Great deal. Will there be an option for folks who buy the $27 package to “upgrade” later if they decide they want the additional information?

    • says

      Hey Thomas,

      There won’t be an automated means of doing this but I’ll happily hand over a $27 off voucher for anyone looking to upgrade at any point :)



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