How to Get More Twitter Followers (A Guide to Tweet Adder 4.0)

Tweet Adder

Twitter is my social network of choice by a distance — to this day it refers more traffic to this blog than any other source (bar Google).

A great deal of my success with Twitter can be put down to a piece of software called Tweet Adder; something I have raved about here on Leaving Work Behind before. However, a few weeks ago a radical update was introduced that has led many people to believe that it is nowhere near as effective as it once was.

But as far as I am concerned, Tweet Adder is still the best solution for growing your Twitter following. In this post I want to demonstrate that it still has a lot to offer (and give you the opportunity to purchase it at a 20% discount). In fact, I believe that Tweet Adder 4.0 is the best version yet.

If you want to know how to get more Twitter followers, I have all the answers for you in this comprehensive guide. Enjoy!

How I Attracted 10,000 Twitter Followers in a Year (My 5 Step Process)

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Just a couple of days ago the number of people following me on Twitter¬†went past the 10,000 mark. It was a big milestone for me and I was excited to see it happen — not only because it demonstrates that my brand is growing, but also because it represents a great deal of work coming to fruition.

The fact is that I have poured a huge amount of effort into growing my Twitter following. I have conducted a lot of trial and error experiments, more often noting failure rather than success. However, in spite of that I have still been able to build a relatively healthy following in just twelve months. At the time of writing I have 10,255 followers and according to my records I had just 552 at the start of 2012 (so please forgive me for the slight inaccuracy of the post headline ;-)). I am currently attracting several hundred new followers every week.

I have spoken about my Twitter strategies on the blog here before, so this post acts as a complete round-up and addendum — covering the most important aspects of building a following, ignoring the less productive things you can do, and filling in any gaps I have missed to date.

How to Get More Twitter Followers on Autopilot

How to Get More Twitter Followers on Autopilot

I love Twitter.

When it comes to promoting my blog, meeting likeminded people, increasing brand awareness, and just about any other benefit that is possible through social media, Twitter comes out on top for me every time.

I know that Facebook is the big boy on the block, and Pinterest is growing every month, but I have had more success with Twitter than every other social network combined. The fact is this — my success with Twitter is completely disproportionate to my success with other social media networks,¬†and the size and age of my blog.

You may be wondering how I’ve managed that. Well, in this post, I intend to give you a step by step guide to the biggest causative factor of my Twitter profile’s exponential growth.

1 Simple Step To Increasing Your Blog Post Tweets By 27%

1 Simple Step To Increasing Your Blog Post Tweets By 27%

Update 14/07/12: You may be interested in reading this post from a historical point of view, but the original plugin discussed has been massively improved and is now available from the Plugins Directory. Download Easy Tweet Embed here! If you are a regular reader of Leaving Work Behind, you will know that I am […]

Promoting Your Blog With Twitter – 3 Underutilized Methods

Promoting Your Blog With Twitter - 3 Underutilized Methods

As some of you know, I have been spending quite a bit of time working on my Twitter account. I spent the vast majority of last year doing very little with Twitter, and it showed – on the 20th December 2011, I had just 374 followers. But just before Christmas I started work on building […]