17 Posts To Help You Build A Better Blog

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17 Posts To Help You Build A Better BlogFor those of you who don’t know, I have been a staff writer at WPMU for quite a few months. In that time, I have written rather a lot of posts (nearly as many as I have here in fact).

One of the great things about writing for WPMU is that the subject matter is often directly related to what I am trying to achieve with my business. I write about all things WordPress related, and often my posts cover topics such as blogging, SEO, social media, and more. So although I write for the readers of WPMU, I think that I have written plenty of posts that would be interesting to you too.

With that in mind, I have trawled through my archives at WPMU and present to you a selection of posts that can help you build a better blog. Enjoy!

The List

  1. Read Your Visitors’ Minds & Increase Engagement on Your Blog
  2. Why Your Blog Frustrates Your Visitors, and What You Can Do About It
  3. 1 Simple Step To Keeping Visitors On Your Blog
  4. 50 Tips To Increase Traffic To Your Blog
  5. 4 Free Photo & Image Resources You Need For Your Blog
  6. 3 Types Of Awesome Newsletters For Your WordPress Blog
  7. WordPress Bloggers: Are You Ignoring Your Visitors?
  8. Tips For Dirty Bloggers Pt 1: Clean Up Your Design
  9. Tips For Dirty Bloggers Pt 2: Is Clean Code That Important?
  10. Tips For Dirty Bloggers Pt 3: Typography – Your Blog’s Cutting Edge
  11. Tips For Dirty Bloggers Pt 4: Grammar, Spelling & Punctuation
  12. Are You Losing Visitors By Omitting This Key Page On Your Blog?
  13. WordPress Bloggers: Why You Should Be On All 3 Major Social Networks
  14. Are You Neglecting The Most Important Page On Your Blog?
  15. The WPMU 100 – The Top WordPress Related Blogs On The Internet
  16. How To Use Trackbacks In WordPress To Boost Your Blog’s Traffic
  17. One Vital Ingredient That Your Blog May Be Missing

Do You Want More Of This?

That should keep you going for a while! What do you think about the above posts – do they cover topics that you are interested in? I am always sharing new content across my social network profiles – should I be sharing WPMU posts with my Twitter and Facebook followers? Let me know in the comments section!

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