My Monthly Income Report — July 2013

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In last month’s income report I said that June was a “pretty pivotal month.”

Well, July took pivotal and slapped it in the face. Not since I woke up one morning in May 2011 and decided that I simply had to quit my job have I experienced such potentially life-changing thoughts as I have through the past month.

Those radical thoughts have already been documented in a couple of posts I have published in the past few weeks: How I Plan to Revolutionize My Online Business and My Thoughts on the Future of Leaving Work Behind (And Blogging in General). But in the context of this post, I suppose the pertinent question is, “How have these thoughts affected my income?”

As always, you can expect full disclosure from me.

Announcing the Launch of My Content Marketing Agency!

Clear Blogging Solutions

If you’re a regular LWB reader then you’ll know all about the various radical thoughts that have been running through my head over the past few weeks.

Two posts in particular have given a strong hint of how things will be changing in my business in the near future: How I Plan to Revolutionize My Online Business and My Thoughts on the Future of Leaving Work Behind. If you haven’t read them yet I encourage you to do so now.

My announcement in this post represents a huge milestone in my business. It represents me stepping away from something big and stepping into something bigger. It represents positive change and major growth. Most importantly, it takes me a step closer to what I consider the truest and purest form of the Leaving Work Behind concept.

Why Podcasts and Videos Are a Poor Medium for Learning and Taking Action

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I’ve often thought about launching a Leaving Work Behind podcast.

Why wouldn’t I? Everywhere you turn bloggers are talking about the power of podcasting. It seems a week doesn’t pass without another big name blogger launching their own podcast.

The same goes for video — anyone who’s anyone is on YouTube, publishing content at a prolific rate.

And then there’s me; publishing about one video per month on average.

I’ve always run into an issue with audio and video as a medium for learning and taking action. Put simply, I think they are deficient. In the vast majority of cases, they play second fiddle to written content in terms of efficiency, quality and ease of assimilation.

In this post I want to explain why I feel this way and present you with a challenge to improve your learning, and ultimately, your success.

My Thoughts on the Future of Leaving Work Behind (And Blogging in General)

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You can’t beat the rush of an epiphany.

I seem to have them periodically. The first in this chapter of my life (i.e. the “Leaving Work Behind” chapter) was back in May 2011, where I seemingly came to a decision overnight that I needed to quit my job and launch an online business.

The second was in in May 2012 when I decided that I was no longer in a rush to get rich, which was quite a revelation for someone who had grown up thinking that working your ass off and getting rich was the whole point of life.

The third was just a few weeks ago while on vacation in Turkey, where I realized that my business wasn’t performing anywhere near to its potential and that I had to implement some big changes.

That final epiphany leads me to this post. I have spent the past several days putting some serious thought into the future of Leaving Work Behind and how I can make it a more valuable resource for you, my readers.

I have concluded as follows: the conventional model of blogging is not for me and I am going to make some big changes.

Online Writing 101: 14 Errors That Are Preventing You From Blogging Success

Escape Key

I have worked alongside other online writers ever since I began my freelancing career in September 2011. However, my direct involvement with their work was limited up until early 2013, when I took on a more editorial role for the ManageWP blog.

Fast-forward a few months and I re-launched my One Hour Authority Site project by taking on LWB readers as writers for the site. That experience taught me two things:

  1. There are lots of talented writers out there (far more than I thought in fact).
  2. Their chances of success are often hamstrung by technical issues relating to online writing.

Here is what I found most fascinating though — most of the issues are easily noticeable (once revealed) and simple to fix. That is good news folks. In fact, the news was good enough to galvanize me into launching a new content marketing agency (more on that in the near future). I felt that I could take such innately talented but rough-around-the-edges writers, help them to become successful bloggers and ultimately grow my business.

Whether Clear Blogging Solutions proves to be successful remains to be seen but in my opinion one thing is for certain — any aspiring blogger or freelance writer can vastly boost their chances of success by getting the basics of online writing right. And those basics are exactly what I want to cover in this post.