My Monthly Income Report — June 2013

Money and a calculator

June has been a pretty pivotal month for me in many ways.

I’ve suffered setbacks, experienced failure and celebrated success. But more importantly, my attitude towards what is necessary to drive further success in the future has changed (for the better).

My last tangible goal was arguably to establish an income that would cover my outgoings, which I achieved that back in mid-2012. Since then I have been floating along to a degree — although I have been driven by a general desire to make more money, that in itself has not served as a compelling catalyst for future success.

However, I believe that I now have a purpose and drive similar to when I wanted so badly to quit my job. I doubt I will ever be able to match the strength of that purpose, but I can go a long way towards emulating it. In my opinion, getting into that frame of mind is as important to my progress as anything else.

The LWB Birthday Sale: 50% Off My Freelance Writing Guide!

2nd birthday cupcake

Exactly two years ago today I took a deep breath and launched Leaving Work Behind.

To be honest, I can’t quite believe what has happened in just two short years — my life has changed dramatically; in terms of my circumstances, wealth, happiness, outlook, and just about any other way you could imagine.

If I had to name two things that have been the key catalysts to my success so far, they would be freelance writing and you — the loyal Leaving Work Behind reader. While freelance writing gave me the jumpstart I needed to launch a successful online business, it was the readers of this blog that kept me going despite continuous failure and saw me through to the promised land and beyond.

With that in mind, it only seems appropriate that I celebrate Leaving Work Behind’s second birthday by giving you the opportunity to purchase my freelance writing guide, Successful Freelance Writing Online, with a whopping 50% discount.

How to Get More Twitter Followers (A Guide to Tweet Adder 4.0)

Tweet Adder

Twitter is my social network of choice by a distance — to this day it refers more traffic to this blog than any other source (bar Google).

A great deal of my success with Twitter can be put down to a piece of software called Tweet Adder; something I have raved about here on Leaving Work Behind before. However, a few weeks ago a radical update was introduced that has led many people to believe that it is nowhere near as effective as it once was.

But as far as I am concerned, Tweet Adder is still the best solution for growing your Twitter following. In this post I want to demonstrate that it still has a lot to offer (and give you the opportunity to purchase it at a 20% discount). In fact, I believe that Tweet Adder 4.0 is the best version yet.

If you want to know how to get more Twitter followers, I have all the answers for you in this comprehensive guide. Enjoy!

Why I Use Clicky Analytics Instead of Google


Say what you will about Google but they are the kings of free online services.

Google Drive, Maps, Webmaster Tools, Gmail and Analytics are just a handful of what the search behemoth offers to public at no charge. What’s not to like?

Well, I tend to subscribe to the old saying that nothing in life is truly free. Although Google Analytics is an enormously powerful analytics package, I find it slow and cumbersome to use at times. And in my opinion, there is a superior option out there: Clicky Analytics.

In this post I want to demonstrate why. If you are an analytics addict like me, read on!

How to Succeed (The Hard Way)


Success is rarely easy.

It typically comes at a high price paid in a currency borne out of hard work and perseverance. To read of someone’s smooth ascent to success is to learn nothing — the battles for success are where the real lessons are learned.

Success is a topic at the forefront of my mind right now as I struggle with a health and fitness program called P90X that I started seven weeks ago. My story so far is a textbook example of everything that is real about the path to success: the hard work, unanswered questions, unforeseen complications and inevitable setbacks.

In this post I want to explain what I think it takes to succeed with anything in life — be it a fitness programme or an online business. Although the circumstances can be very different, the story is often the same.