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How to Take Perfect Screenshots for Blog Posts

Written by Tom Ewer on May 26, 2015. 29 Comments

As a WordPress writer, I tend to take a lot of screenshots.

But I’m no graphic designer – far from it. So how do I go about taking top quality screenshots?

It turns out that this is more complicated than one might think. You want to offer up a beautiful screenshot, but you don’t want the file to be so big that it takes an age for the image to download.

My solution serves up crystal clear screenshots that are far less resource-intensive than you might imagine. In this post I’ll show you the difference between my process and a ‘standard’ JPEG image, then give you instructions to achieve the same effect.

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How Much Should Freelance Writers Charge Per Word?

Written by Tom Ewer on May 18, 2015. 87 Comments

Quarter dollarMost beginner freelance writers have no idea what they should charge per word.

I know this because I recently put the word out that I was looking for freelance bloggers to work with me, and I received quotes (per word) from one rupee (that’s about $0.02) to to one dollar.

I’ll start by ruling out the extremes for freelance bloggers: you shouldn’t be working for any less than $0.02 per word, but nor can you reasonably hope to work for anything close to a dollar per word.

But where on earth should you be in-between those numbers?

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What the Future Holds for Leaving Work Behind

Written by Tom Ewer on May 14, 2015. 38 Comments

Crystal ballIf you’re a regular Leaving Work Behind reader, you may have noticed that I haven’t been around as much recently.

When I first launched the blog I published three times a week, almost without fail. After a while that reduced to two times a week, then one. These days my writing is somewhat sporadic.

So what gives?

In this post I want to explain where I am with my business, what that means for Leaving Work Behind, and what my plans are for the future.

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