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Maria Monroe from "Suits"

I’m a little bit addicted to a show called Suits at the moment.

For those of you who don’t know, the show is about a New York law firm and the people who operate within it. There’s something about beautiful, intelligent and powerful people working in a dynamic environment and owning everything in their path that appeals to me. You’ve got to love the fantasy.

Light entertainment aside, the show actually revealed something inspiring to me yesterday that I wanted to share with you in this post.

How I Have Spent the Past 16 Months Failing

Success or failure

My online business’ highest ever earning month was June 2013.

Over the past 16 months, my income has jumped and stuttered, but there has been an undeniable downwards trend.

On some level I have been aware of this, but I had to read back through my old income reports to grasp just how much my earnings have degraded since I stopped publishing my income reports back in October 2013.

So where has it all gone wrong? In this post, I want to answer that question.

How I Increased My Freelance Blogging Rate from $50 to $150 an Hour

Twenty Dollar Notes

Tom: the following is a guest post by Gina Horkey – a freelance blogger and a friend of mine.

She’s made incredible progress since she started on her journey back in April 2014, and in a recent Skype call I asked if she would be interested in sharing that story with the Leaving Work Behind audience. She was, which is why I am delighted to introduce her story today!

If you are looking to break into freelance blogging, or looking to increase your rates, Gina’s story offers some invaluable lessons.

Last week I got my dream freelance writing gig – I’m the blogger for a personal lending startup getting paid $150 per post.

We’re starting with two posts per week, but have a schedule to be at 5-7 within a few months. That’s at least $1,200 per month to start, with the potential of $4,000 per month in the near future – from one client. Wanna know how I did it?

The One Small Seed I’m Planting That Could Grow Into a Six Figure Business

Long Road

I’ve been all about audacious goals recently.

A few weeks ago I announced that I plan to make Beginner Blogging a six figure blog (in terms of monthly net earnings) by the end of July 2015. Last week I revealed my plan to make $2,000 in 16 days in order to reach the first milestone of that larger goal.

Today I can say that I am likely to fail in reaching that milestone. It doesn’t really bother me at this stage though; I feel like I’m heading in the right direction and on track for the bigger goal. Besides, you never know – crazy things could happen in the seven days between now and the end of the month…

How I Plan to Make $2,000 in 16 Days

Time and Money

Last week I revealed that I plan to turn Beginner Blogging into a six figure blog in less than a year.

Since then I have decided to adjust my plan somewhat. I now intend to earn a net income (i.e. minus expenses) of $9,000 per month from April 2015 onwards, rather than only turning over that amount.

My thinking behind this is straightforward: there’s little use in me turning over $9,000 if it costs me $8,000 to do so. To ignore expenses is to encourage a way of thinking that does not promote profitability.

If the original goal was challenging, this one is much more so, which means I have a lot of work to do!

My goal for September is to make $2,000, but I’ve generated only $600 in affiliate revenue so far this month. Last week’s post was about the bigger picture; in this post I want to lay out exactly what I intend to do to make an additional $2,000 in the next 16 days.

Why $2,000 more when my goal is only to make $2,000 total, you may ask? Well, I’ve got some expenses to pay for the month (perhaps $300), and I figure that if I aim higher than the goal itself, I have a better chance of succeeding.