Leaving Work Behind

How to be a Successful Entrepreneur and a Great Stay at Home Parent

Written by Guest Author on January 15, 2015. 20 Comments

Tiffany JansenTom: The following is a guest post by Tiffany Jansen, a freelance writer and copywriter based in New York. It is one of the best articles I’ve read in a while. If you’re a parent and a freelancer (and even if not), it could change your life!

Many of us venture into freelancing because of the promise of freedom.

We can make our own schedules, decide who we want to work with and what projects we take on. We’re in control of our earning potential, our business and our lives.

While these things seem attractive no matter who you are, they become all the more attractive when you have a family.

I mean it sounds great, right? Stay at home with the kids, be there to greet them when they get home from school, maybe even get some housecleaning done in between projects.

That’s exactly what I thought when my daughter was born.

Only it didn’t work out quite like I’d fantasized… Keep Reading