Leaving Work Behind

The One Small Seed I’m Planting That Could Grow Into a Six Figure Business

Written by Tom Ewer on September 23, 2014. 10 Comments

Long RoadI’ve been all about audacious goals recently.

A few weeks ago I announced that I plan to make Beginner Blogging a six figure blog (in terms of monthly net earnings) by the end of July 2015. Last week I revealed my plan to make $2,000 in 16 days in order to reach the first milestone of that larger goal.

Today I can say that I am likely to fail in reaching that milestone. It doesn’t really bother me at this stage though; I feel like I’m heading in the right direction and on track for the bigger goal. In fact, over the past week I’ve been working hard on something small that could eventually lead to something huge… Keep Reading

Want to Blog But Don’t Know How to Start?

Written by Tom Ewer on August 26, 2014. 6 Comments

Beginner BloggingI have loved my journey with Beginner Blogging so far.

It was nothing more than an idea for so long, but now it’s become a reality, and it’s great to see it helping people so much already.

If you’re not familiar with Beginner Blogging yet, it’s a website for people who want to blog but don’t know how. The foundation of the site is a completely free beginner’s course, which takes people from knowing nothing about blogging to creating a blog they can be proud of.

The course focuses entirely on the technical aspect of blogging, but I knew that many people also struggled with the more creative side. So with the technical basics taken care of, I set out to answer all of the most common questions people have about blogging when they start out.

Today, I’m delighted to announced that I’ve completed that task. But that’s not all; we’ve also got an exclusive new service available to beginner bloggers. And as you may have come to expect, it’s completely free! Keep Reading