8 Ways To Survive Your Day Job (Whilst You Need To)


This is a guest post by Bon the Math Mom. You might have been very excited to read Tom’s recent article on Why You Can Quit Your Job Today. I was. Until I realized I had no safety net, and a husband and child at home who depend on my rather substantial day-job income. Like […]

I’m Going To Disney World!

I'm Going To Disney World!

So it’s terrible timing really. December 2011 – my last month of employment. A bright new future beckons in 2012…and I am going on holiday. Until January 11th. That’s right – I will officially be unemployed as of 31st December, and my first 11 days of self-employment and entrepreneurship will be spent on holiday. What […]

3 Reasons Why Targeting Multiple Low Competition Keywords Is Good For Beginners

3 Reasons Why Targeting Multiple Low Competition Keywords Is Good For Beginners

Today’s post contains a lesson that I wish I had known when I started building niche sites. If you are just starting out, you should target multiple low competition (and invariably low traffic) keywords. But why? 1. Learning Curve In my opinion, niche site building is more of an art than a science. We can […]

10 Link Building Methods Revealed And Reviewed

10 Link Building Methods Revealed & Reviewed

I have been doing this niche site building lark for well over six months, and have learnt plenty of important lessons in my time. Regular readers of the blog have hopefully been able to benefit from my experiences and learn from my mistakes. With the end of the year approaching fast, now is as good […]

What Cruise Ship Karaoke Can Teach You About Success

Ricky Martin

Now if that title hasn’t got your attention, I don’t know what will! As some of you know, I was on holiday last week. I went on a Caribbean cruise with a bunch of my family, and had a great time. It was an interesting holiday for a couple of reasons, which I will get […]