The One Who Got Away

The One Who Got Away

Today I want to tell you a story. I studied History and Politics at university. I had actually decided to study history, but my grades were so awful that I had to go with a combination. To be quite honest with you, I cannot believe that I was accepted by any university (for those in […]

Will You Be In The Leaving Work Behind 100? Cast Your Vote!

The Leaving Work Behind 100

Unless you are brand new to Leaving Work Behind, you will know that my aim is to help you establish and grow an online business so that you can quit your job and work on your own terms. In December 2011, after working at it for seven months, I was able to do just that. […]

3 Simple Methods To Supercharging Your Productivity

2 Simple Methods To Supercharging Your Productivity

There is a problem with being in business – you set the boundaries. There is no “clocking off”. You spend as much time on your business as you see fit. It doesn’t matter if you’re still employed or already a full time entrepreneur – time management is one of the keys to success. I use […]

My Mass Niche Site Project


During my first couple of weeks out of employment (and in business), I have found myself occasionally referencing my short term progress against my monthly and quarterly goals. I have in fact set myself a reminder to check my monthly goals at the start of every week, to make sure that I am on track. […]

1 Reason You May Not Be Making The Most Of Your Email List

The LWB Newsletter Is Finally Launching!

If you love blogging, be sure to check out Leaving Work Behind's sister site: Beginner Blogging. There you'll find a completely free blogging course along with an ever-growing archive of blogging tutorials. If you haven't started blogging yet, we'll even install and set your blog up for you completely free of charge! Yep – it […]