How I Plan to Make Beginner Blogging a Six Figure Blog

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I love Beginner Blogging.

Everything about it feels right to me. I get to provide an awesome service at no charge. I get to see people start with nothing and build blogs they love. Even the domain name was available (I couldn’t believe that).

Furthermore, the scope is huge. I don’t just want to stop at helping people set up their sites; I want to empower them to grow their blog into something they consider truly meaningful.

But to be able to pour the necessary time and energy into making Beginner Blogging what it should be, the site needs to provide a return on my investment. In August it made $1,700, but that was the honeymoon period (i.e. when I was able to best leverage the existing Leaving Work Behind audience). If I want to sustain and build upon that kind of return, I’ve got work to do.

With the above in mind, in this post I want to introduce a number of ideas I have for building Beginner Blogging into a six figure blog.

Freelance Blogging: What I Would Do If I Had to Start Again


I’m excited that you’re reading this.

Why? Because it means you’re interested in freelance blogging, which is the best way I know to start making money online.

Freelance blogging enabled me to quit my job, and ultimately served as the catalyst for everything my online business has become. These days I run a blogging agency (which grew naturally from my freelance blogging career), but it all began with no qualifications, no experience and a few long-shot pitches.

That’s all well and good, but what about the all important question: How do you get started? That is the question I intend to answer in this post, by telling you exactly what I would do if I was starting again from scratch.

Want to Blog But Don’t Know How to Start?

Beginner Blogging

I have loved my journey with Beginner Blogging so far.

It was nothing more than an idea for so long, but now it’s become a reality, and it’s great to see it helping people so much already.

If you’re not familiar with Beginner Blogging yet, it’s a website for people who want to blog but don’t know how. The foundation of the site is a completely free beginner’s course, which takes people from knowing nothing about blogging to creating a blog they can be proud of.

The course focuses entirely on the technical aspect of blogging, but I knew that many people also struggled with the more creative side. So with the technical basics taken care of, I set out to answer all of the most common questions people have about blogging when they start out.

Today, I’m delighted to announced that I’ve completed that task. But that’s not all; we’ve also got an exclusive new service available to beginner bloggers. And as you may have come to expect, it’s completely free!

This May Be Au Revoir…But It’s Not Adieu

Waving hand

A few weeks ago I announced that things were going to change around here and asked you to fill in a survey.

176 of you provided detailed and thoughtful responses, for which I am hugely grateful. It has opened my eyes to who you are in a way that I was not previously aware of.

In this post I want to explore that very topic (who LWB readers are) and then go on to explain what I intend to do with Leaving Work Behind in the near future.

How to Find Freelance Blogging Clients That Will Pay You What You’re Worth [Introducing Paid to Blog Jobs]

Paid to Blog Jobs

Any regular Leaving Work Behind reader will know that I’m a huge fan of freelance blogging.

It got me my start in terms of making money online and being able to quit my job, and my writing business (which evolved from my freelance blogging efforts) is my largest source of income to this day.

I see it as my responsibility to help others achieve the same success in freelance blogging as I have. That is why my team and I have spent the past several months developing a service that enables freelance bloggers to:

  1. easily find freelance blogging job opportunities, and
  2. pitch effectively for them.

That service is known as Paid to Blog Jobs, and today I am delighted to announce that it is finally ready for you.

Read on to discover how Paid to Blog Jobs can help you land more jobs with quality clients, and ultimately make more money from working on your terms.