The Truth About Friends and Family When You Leave Work Behind

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There is so much involved in leaving work behind and living your dream life that we often find ourselves so busy and preoccupied with our new world, we don’t notice some of the menacing undercurrents around us. That is until something unexpected happens and temporarily shatters our happy working cycle.

A few months ago I had an experience like this, and through conversations in the community forums I discovered that I was not alone. There were other people who had encountered difficult situations just like mine. There appear to be lots of people who have friends and family who just don’t ‘get’ this new lifestyle and sometimes are completely unsupportive.

This article is going to take you through that other side of leaving work behind – the darker side.

We have all been there, or may well encounter it, so by sharing this experience and opening up the conversation I want to help prove that you we are not alone, and no matter how rough the waters get, we can weather it together. Because the truth about friends and family is that they are not always there for you as you expect.

How to Leave Work Behind and Scale Your Way to Financial Freedom

Tom Morkes

Tom: The following is a guest post by Tom Morkes – an author, publisher and all around instigator. He’s a West Point grad, Iraq War veteran, and for a while he even got paid to jump out of helicopters. He’s also an incredibly nice guy, which always helps! Check out his newest publication: Bootstrapped – a business and arts journal for disruptive innovators.

The gate is open.

The path is uncertain but the goal is clear. There’s no one to say go but myself…

I make a break for it.

In my mind, I feel like Dantes escaping the Château d’If?

In reality, it’s a standard Monday morning in Tennessee. Except today I’m signing my resignation and leaving my job for good. After 5 long years, the time has come.

I am free…

It’s been 10 months now since I left my job to pursue self-employment and the opportunity to build my own business from scratch.

In those 10 months, I’ve failed…a lot. But I’ve also had some wins: I’ve written several books, founded an artisanal publishing company, started consulting with startups and nonprofits on Pay What You Want and gift-based pricing, and co-founded the first-ever heart-centered business incubator program called The Flight Formula.

Along the way, I’ve learned quite a bit about what it means to build something from the ground up with your own hands, to suffer the ups and downs of self-employment, and to deal with the setbacks, failures and false summits of entrepreneurship that are inevitable (yes, they are inevitable – and that’s something you have to deal with).

In the following sections, I want to share with you some hard-fought lessons-learned from my transition to self-employment and entrepreneurship – stuff that is important no matter what kind of company, nonprofit, or movement you want to start.

Nothing about what I’ve done has been conventional, nor is my path for everyone, but I hope these lessons resonate with those of you on your own path toward financial freedom and a life lived – as my good friend Jonathan Mead, author of Paid to Exist, would say – on your own terms.

Let’s get to it.

Beginner Bloggers: Learn How to Create a Blog From Scratch

Beginner Blogging

Blogging presents us with awesome opportunities.

For many, it represents the potential for freedom. There are countless stories of people who have used blogging to free themselves from the shackles of traditional employment.

I happen to be one such person – I was first able to quit my job through freelance blogging, and I now run a successful blog article writing business and generate ‘passive’ income through Leaving Work Behind and its associated products.

However, these opportunities are not open to everyone. There are many out there who have the passion and motivation to create a blog, but simply don’t know how. They feel that they lack the technical chops to set a blog up and get it working in the way they would like.

And while there are endless resources relating to the creative side of blogging (my clear favorite being How to Start a Blog That Matters over at Fizzle), I see far less comprehensive technical help available for complete beginners.

To clarify that point, while there are plenty of technical blogging tutorials spread across the web, I’ve never found a free blogging course that does a great job in showing a complete blogging newbie how to get their blog set up in the way they would like – covering everything from design to functionality and beyond.

So I decided to create that course myself.

It’s been nearly two years in the working, and I think you’re going to love it. Read on to discover how I’m giving you the opportunity to gain exclusive early access to the course along with personal coaching – completely free of charge.

Discover How This One Grade School Tip Will Help Make Your Vision Clear Today


Tom: This is a guest post by Jeremy Montoya. As the co-host of The Final Clock Out Podcast and creator of While You’re Sleeping, Jeremy’s passion is helping entrepreneurs get clear about their life mission and purpose.

What were you meant to bring to this world?

Is it to make money? Work?

There are 101 ways to help supplement the need from job-income… eBay, freelancing, mowing lawns, you name it.

However, if your mission is anything like mine, you want to build something that not only puts food on the table, but brings you happiness and sparks a fire inside of you.

How do you light that fire that will spring you out of bed in the morning?

You can search high and low, or you can join me in what I call the Playground Principle for getting clear about your future.

More on that in a moment.

What Sir Ranulph Fiennes Can Teach You About Motivation

Sir Ranulph Fiennes

Last week I had the pleasure of attending a talk by Sir Ranulph Fiennes – the world’s greatest living explorer.

Most of what he had to say was biographical. He talked about some of the more memorable expeditions he has undertaken during his decades-long career, as well as his time serving in the British Army.

Having read his autobiography, I was already familiar with the stories, but it was still fantastic to hear them from his mouth.

However, it was his answer to a question from the audience in the final few minutes of his talk that really caught my attention. That question was perhaps the one I would’ve most liked to ask him: “How did you motivate yourself, and stay motivated, in order to undertake and complete your expeditions?”

In this post I want to share his answer, as I think it holds the key to near-limitless motivation for many of us.