Keyword Research & Competition Analysis Mastery: The eBook

Keyword Research & Competition Analysis MasteryUpdate: This PDF has been “retired” and is no longer available.

If you own a website (or plan on starting one), search engine referral traffic is an attractive proposition. After all, if you can rank your site for relevant keywords, you will receive a steady flow of qualified traffic. What could be better?

However, ranking for keywords in Google is no cakewalk. If you plan on ranking on the first page, effective keyword research and competition analysis is an absolute must.

With that in mind, I have put a great deal of effort into creating a completely free keyword research and competition analysis guide, which covers seven steps:

  1. Choosing A Seed Keyword
  2. Generating Additional Keywords
  3. Filtering Your Keywords
  4. Shortlisting
  5. Competition Analysis
  6. Valuation
  7. Trial, Error & Experience

To get your copy, just enter your email address below and hit “Sign Me Up!” If you enjoy the guide, please share this post so that it can be downloaded by your friends!


  1. says

    Just “paid with a Tweet” Tom. Thanks for this great resource.

    Out of curiosity, what widget are you using for that? Anything you can divulge…

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    Good stuff Tom,
    It looks like you’ve put some time into this and I look forward to reading the whole thing through. It’s coming at a good time as I am getting ready to start a niche site (or 2).

  3. says

    I came here after reading your post on your post has help me..a lot now i cant stop myself without download your ebook thanks a lot for post and ebook

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    Thank you so much for this Tom! I have been thinking of purchasing Market Samurai since your recommendation and I am now reading this guide and comparing it to the informative videos the Noble Samurai provides regarding it’s program use.

    I love how this guide cuts through all the filters that aren’t required for freelance blogging and niche sites in plain language.

    Judging from the ease of use of this program as I learn and your praise of Market Samurai I will be purchasing (hopefully through an affiliate link from you) plus, I like to support local e-business!

    Darren Rowse was right to give you the stamp of approval mate, so grateful I found your blog :)

  5. says

    Tom, is this ebook still available? Trying to download it via IPAD. Since 2011, have you updated the book or do the same principles still apply? Thank you for your time.

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