How To Combat A Loss Of Enthusiasm

How To Combat A Loss Of EnthusiasmLosing enthusiasm for your blog is a common curse. There are many potential causes, but the underlying theme is typically a distinct lack of desire to write. And if you stop writing, you no longer have a blog.

So often, someone with a genuinely good blog and huge amounts of potential gives up. If only they had fully appreciated that it is just a waiting game. Persistence is your best friend in the early months. I strongly believe that if you create quality content, employ sensible marketing strategies, and persist in your efforts, you cannot fail to succeed on some level.

I am willing to bet that many of the most successful bloggers out there have considered giving up. In fact, the majority admit to it. That comes as no real surprise – it is a funny old business. Success in blogging does not follow a steady curve. It only takes a mention from a high-traffic fellow blogger to kick-start your ascent to popularity.

I am sure that many six figure internet marketers have at times considered their endeavours fruitless. And yet, now they are hugely successful. They were once in your shoes, and now they have moved onwards and upwards. What is to stop you from doing the same?

A Call To Action

If you are reading this then you may already be running on fumes. In order to fill the tank back up, we need to explore two key issues:

  1. Why have you lost your enthusiasm?
  2. How can you get it back?

Any battle-hardened blogger out there will tell you that blogging can be a thankless task. There are thousands of articles on the internet that offer advice on how to attract traffic and build a loyal readership. However, all of that advice is completely irrelevant if your perspective is out of whack.

There are three broad areas that I want you to explore: internal adjustments, external adjustments, and practical adjustments. I will go into all three in detail.

Internal Adjustments

In approaching the many situations you face in life, you will have a certain mindset. If you have a healthy mindset then you needn’t be reading this article, as you already have great enthusiasm for what you are doing. However, if not, you will need to make some internal adjustments so that your mindset is correctly calibrated.

Consider the following:

  • If you lack direction, then how do you know at which point you will be satisfied?
  • If you lack realism, how will you ever be satisfied?


Where are you going and why? Have you laid out a clear path that you intend to follow? If you are blogging aimlessly, then you are bound to lose enthusiasm. You have to know your Endgame, and you have to set goals, otherwise you will never have a sense of forward motion.

So, if your Endgame is to quit your job, I might suggest that you start by creating a blog centring on your passion in life, whatever that may be. That would certainly be a step in the right direction. So set that as a goal. Once you have reached that goal and your blog is up and running, it is time to set the next one – let’s say, to reach 1,000 subscribers. Chris Guillebeau believes that 1,000 subscribers gives you a great launch pad for your first paid product. Create that product. That’s your third goal completed. Keep going.

The above doesn’t have to be your path – it can be whatever you want it to be.

If you break down your Endgame into manageable, shorter term goals, then everything seems so much easier, and your enthusiasm will continue to be fuelled.


There is absolutely no point in setting goals if they are overly-ambitious. Don’t get me wrong – I am all for ambition. I love ambition. But it has to be tempered by a healthy dose of realism in order to bring about a positive effect.

For instance, if your first milestone was to grow a 20,000 strong list in three months, then quite frankly, you are doomed to failure before you have even started. A lack of realism is as big a cause of a loss of enthusiasm than setting no milestones at all.

External Adjustments

External adjustments are all about setting up social checks and balances to ensure that you do not stray from your desired path. These are a little more intimidating than internal adjustments, but can be very powerful. I would recommend that you employ them all, and screw the consequences.


“But I already do!”, you might say. Of course you do – but I am talking about a specific type of socialising. I want you to introduce yourself to your niche. Get involved with people. Search out the top blogs and start commenting. Make yourself a known entity.

The fact is, you do not have to be alone in your endeavour. There are many people out there who (a) are trying to do the same as you and (b) want what you have to offer. Group (a) does not need to be your enemy – make friends! Your blog needs to be all about what you bring to the table, which is exactly what nobody else can replicate. If you execute that well, then you have no competition, as no one can be you.

Sign up to Twitter, Facebook, and forums, and find likeminded people. Introduce yourself, but don’t force yourself on people. I never advocate forced marketing on social media or blogs. Simply make yourself known, add value, and good things will come of it.

If your post frequency slows down and your audience asks what is going on, that proof that they care about what you write can be encouragement enough to continue.

Create Accountability

There is nothing quite like accountability to galvanize you into action. It can be employed in all walks of life, from dieting, to fund-raising, to learning a foreign language. Tell people what you are aiming to do, and you will be far more determined to do it. That is exactly what I am doing with this blog.

So, set an Endgame and goals as above. Then tell everyone – friends, family, your dog, what you are trying to do. Yes, this can backfire. But hopefully, if you have employed realism, then it will not. And the massive benefit will be the increased drive to reach your Endgame. I don’t know about you, but I value highly my ability to follow through on things, and as such, accountability provides me with a great deal of motivation.

Practical Adjustments

These are tangible actions that you can start on right now. And if you are feeling underwhelmed by your situation, I suggest  that you do.

Get Away

Take a walk to clear your head. Even if it’s raining. Especially if it’s raining. Have a swim. Or sit down in a quiet room and think. Just get away from blogging. The activity needs to give you time with yourself. You will be amazed at what kind of thoughts start to surface when you give yourself the opportunity to clear your mind.

Generate Enthusiasm With The Passion Of Others

There are resources all over the internet that can galvanise you and set you back on the path of enthusiasm. I couldn’t tell you what they all are. However, if your field is internet marketing and blogging (which it likely is if you find yourself on my blog), then I can happily recommend the following:

Be sure to ration these out. Reading more than one of these in a sitting tends to leave you feeling rather overwhelmed!


Talk to someone who you trust. Explain your situation – your frustrations, your lack of enthusiasm and drive. Getting someone else’s perspective on your situation can often be very revealing.

If You’re Still Struggling…

If you still lack any enthusiasm for blogging, then I would advise taking a few days off. By that, I mean that you do nothing connected with your online presence at all. No blogging, no tweeting, no reading of other websites connected to your interests. Get away from it all.

See how you feel after that. You may come back refreshed, in which case, you should then action the above things, to reinforce that fresh enthusiasm.

If you’re still lost at sea, then fortunately I can still help. Check out my article, “Thinking Of Giving Up? Click Here”. And of course, you can always contact me.


  1. Adam Haworth says

    I feel like I’m starting to lose a little motivation, and I think the cause is lack of traffic its hard working on my site almost 24/7 then getting minimum traffic. But I will follow you points and stick at it.

  2. says

    Thanks for the follow up link to this post. If you haven’t, may I suggest linking this from the other, as this is a great follow up.

    This post reminds me of SMART goals (which are a bit cold), but you seem to breath some tangible life into making things happen. And giving us (readers) some action items help. It’s nice to switch the brain off and just follow suggestions, from time to time.

    Thanks for making it interesting and offering inspiration.

  3. says

    That’s a great idea Wil, and I have done so. Thanks!

    I do rely on SMART goals, but you are right in saying that they are a bit cold. It is always good to bring some personality into what you are doing :)

  4. says

    Tom, your “archive” tweets work, I picked up this post. Really awesome stuff in this one. I laughed when I saw Pat’s Income reports in your list above, but its true.

    What would you say to continued failure, despite persevering and keeping self-motivated. “Hope deferred makes the heart grow sick”. Thoughts on that?

    • says

      Hey Pierre,

      Let’s swap quotes. “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” That’s Albert Einstein. My point being, failure can be real killer of enthusiasm, but as long as you continue to fail in different ways, and by doing different things, I believe that it will ultimately come good. If you keep trying to do the same thing and continue to fail, then you know it is time to refocus your efforts.



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