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How to Start an Affiliate Blog to Earn Passive Income as a Writer (In 4 Steps)

Written by Alexander Cordova on September 21, 2017. 0 Comments

Hand holding cashAffiliate blogs are one of the most efficient ways for writers to earn passive income online. The problem is, it’s difficult to figure out which steps you need to take to start earning those first dollars.

Right off the bat, you should know affiliate blogging is not an easy or quick way to build income. However, it’s perfect if you’re patient and don’t mind putting in hard work at the beginning to reap the benefits later. Plus, it’s easier than developing your own product from scratch, because you’ll be marketing already existing products.

In this article, I’ll walk you through four basic steps to start your affiliate blog. By the end, you should be ready to start creating posts and working up to extra income. Let’s jump right in!

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3 Guidelines for Researching Blog Posts as a Freelance Writer

Written by Alexander Cordova on September 12, 2017. 5 Comments

A large library.When imagining life as a freelance writer, you might conjure up images of casually sipping coffee and writing think pieces about your favorite topics. While some days may look that way, freelance writing includes a lot research on new topics. Without proper research you will deliver poorly conceived articles and lose clients.

While you may already be an expert in a particular field, chances are good you’ll also have to write about other topics from time to time. That’s where research comes in, and it’s critical to do it well so you can serve up quality content that keeps clients coming back for more.

In this article, I’ll reveal my three step research process for producing credible articles. By the time we’re done, you’ll know how to find (and organize) reliable information about a new topic. Let’s start researching! Keep Reading

3 Steps to Successfully Invite Guest Bloggers to Help Grow Your Blog

Written by Anne Dorko on August 3, 2017. 4 Comments

Handshake over coffeeOnce you decide to extend your platform to other bloggers, it’s a good idea to  put a system in place so you can avoid low-quality contributions. If this is your first time working with guest posters, it may be a bit tricky to figure out how to create guidelines that attract amazing contributions.

To create these talent-attracting guidelines, you’ll need to first establish your blog’s standards and goals. From there, it’s a matter of formatting those standards clearly for your potential guest bloggers to read and follow. I’ve perfected this practice on blogs of my own, so my methods are based on practical experience! Once you’ve set up your process, accepting or rejecting new post ideas can be pretty smooth sailing.

In this article, I’ll show you step-by-step how to set up guidelines, start attracting submissions, and then handle pitches when they come in. Let’s jump in so you can open up your platform to other writers! Keep Reading

Can You Still Make Money Blogging in 2017?

Written by Alexander Cordova on July 11, 2017. 3 Comments

A stack of pens next to a stack of coins.A lot of people dream about starting their own blogs, becoming a hit, and start making lots of money with little work. In the past, it might have been possible, but these days, monetizing a blog isn’t as simple, and if you want to succeed, you’ll need a plan.

The good news is there are still ways to make money blogging in 2017, but they all require you to put in some work. However, in most cases, the bigger the effort you make, the more passive income you can expect down the road.

In this article, I’m going to walk you through three solid ways to make money blogging, why they work, and how to get started with each of them. I can’t promise you that you’ll start making money overnight, but there are no shortcuts when it comes to blogging, so let’s get to work!

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4 Compelling Reasons You Should Start Your Own Blog Today

Written by Anne Dorko on June 13, 2017. 2 Comments

Calendar, laptop, and desk.Blogging can be addictive, though it’s (arguably) way healthier for you than vices such as coffee and sneaking extra potato chips out of bag while your friend isn’t looking. The side effects of blogging include a sense of accomplishment, a portfolio of content, and much more.

If you’ve been thinking about starting a blog, I encourage you to jump in with both feet! By starting now, you can immediately sharpen your skills and reap the numerous benefits. Blogging only takes a little time and energy, while opening doors to many new experiences and opportunities. Don’t be afraid to give it a shot!

In this article, I’ll cover four reasons for you to go write and publish your first blog post today. There’s no reason to wait any longer, so let’s get started! Keep Reading