Leaving Work Behind

How to Live the Dream With (Practically) Nothing

Written by Anne Dorko on April 26, 2016. 30 Comments

A balloon flying off into the distanceAs much as you want to explore and have crazy adventures, you’re stuck on exactly how to get from where you are now to the kind of freedom you’re seeking.

You’ve learned about living with less and forsaking the nicer things in life, but you’re still way back at the beginning. What you need is a real world example of how someone else connected the dots and left work behind to live the dream.

Does this sound like you?

Today, I’d like to share with you how I live and see the world, with practically nothing to my name, and quite often little-to-no income. Note: It’s better than it sounds 😉 Keep Reading

3 Tips for Handling an Unexpected Life Event as a Freelancer

Written by Gina Horkey on April 7, 2016. 21 Comments

Two plastic figures looking frightened.On Monday, August 24th, 2015 at just after midnight I awoke with abdominal pain.

Pain that wouldn’t go away no matter how I tried to lay, sit or stand. Pain that reminded me of birthing contractions, but which didn’t offer any reprieve in between.

Halfway through a phone call to the hospital’s nursing line (during which my husband was frantically googling symptoms), I decided I’d be going to the emergency room no matter what they told me. The nurse agreed, my mom arrived to care for our young children, and Wade whisked me off to our local hospital.

Not five hours later I was in recovery, sans appendix. As the anesthesia started to wear off, I briefly wondered if it was all a dream? All it took was a glance down at my hospital gown to confirm it was definitely not.

I sit here typing just over a week out from surgery, three new scars on my abdomen, feeling about as normal as I can. I’m sharing my story not for sympathy, but to hopefully better equip you in handling unexpected life events as a freelancer.

Here are my three best tips!

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Five Freelance Writing Nightmares (and How to Deal With Them)

Written by Lis Stedman on March 24, 2016. 15 Comments

A woman waking from a nightmare.It’s 3am and you wake up in a cold sweat, torn away from a terrible nightmare. What was it about? Some TV monster? Justin Bieber? No – it’s your freelance writing career.

What are the problems that keep you awake at night, and what’s the best way to deal with them? Here are some thoughts – both on the types of things that freelancers worry about most, and useful solutions.
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4 Ways Strategic Online Relationships Made My Business

Written by Gina Horkey on February 23, 2016. 22 Comments

togetherWant to know my secret to success?

Learn from others further along the path than you.

It’s that simple.

I wouldn’t have gotten half as far without the help and support from others, like Tom, who have given me advice and guidance along the way.

I now have a whole slew of internet peers that help me and vice versa. It’s very much give and take and in some sense, it’s always been.

Today I want to share with you four ways that building strategic relationships helped to make my business successful and why you should be networking your little heart out. In a nutshell, you’ll get much further with people then you will on your own! Let’s dive in.

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8 Myths About Freelance Writing – And How to Bust Them

Written by Lis Stedman on February 9, 2016. 4 Comments

A pen writing "Once upon a time..."I’ve been a freelancer for nearly 20 years now and have come across many myths and preconceptions about freelance writing that I know catch us all out from time to time.

In this article you’ll find some of the worst, along with some tips on how to bust them.
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