Leaving Work Behind

Is It Possible to Scale Your Freelancing Business?

Written by Alexander Cordova on August 1, 2017. 2 Comments

A man rolling a boulder up a hill.As your freelance career takes off, you may find yourself with too many clients and not enough time to take care of them all. At this stage, you have two choices; you can either hire more people and try scaling your freelancing business or lose out on those opportunities.

Growing your freelance team can be complicated. It’s not as simple as bringing a few new people on board – in fact, there can be a lot of trial and error before you find the right teammates. However, it can also increase your earning potential exponentially. In many cases, far beyond what you could earn on your own.

In this article, I’ll walk you through three major benefits and one important challenge of hiring other freelancers. By the end, you should have a good idea of whether this is the right path for you. Let’s get started!

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How to Use WordPress Plugins to Offer SEO Services to Writing Clients

Written by Anne Dorko on July 27, 2017. 6 Comments

Hands holding pen and writingFreelancer bloggers are often hired with the goal of increasing organic traffic from search engines by building authority through content marketing. You may find it difficult to land a serious writing gig without knowing how to optimize your posts for search engines.

SEO is a valuable skill to add to your freelance writing repertoire. Understanding the concepts behind content marketing and how it connects to SEO will help you land new clients. Additionally, you’ll stand apart as an expert when you can recommend (and use!) the top SEO WordPress plugins for your clients.

In this post, I’ll introduce you to the concepts behind content marketing and SEO for freelance writers. Then, I’ll introduce you to the top SEO plugins for WordPress and how to use them on the job. Let’s get started! Keep Reading

3 Ways to Know if It’s the Right Time to Start Freelancing

Written by Alexander Cordova on July 25, 2017. 4 Comments

A hand holding a wristwatch.Many people will tell you the best way to start freelancing is to stop second-guessing yourself and jump right in. While enthusiasm is always great, going freelance is the type of decision you need to prepare for. After all, we’re talking about a radical life change.

Don’t get me wrong! There are plenty of upsides to being a freelancer, and I wouldn’t change it for the world. That being said, there are a few things I wish I’d taken into consideration before taking the leap myself. Preparing my finances ahead of time, for example, would’ve spared me a lot of headaches during those first few months.

In this article, I’ll walk you through three things you should consider before kicking off your freelance career. We’ll talk about why they’re important and how to know if you’re ready, so let’s get started!

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The Freelance Writer’s Guide to Formatting a WordPress Blog Post

Written by Anne Dorko on July 20, 2017. 7 Comments

Desk with a laptop, coffee, and writing materialsWhen you first get started as a freelance writer, you may be shocked to find out you are expected to format your own posts within WordPress. As WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms, your clients assume you can submit work completely ready to publish.

Not to worry! WordPress features an easy-to-use editor. The trick is to be familiar with the interface before diving in headfirst. By understanding blog formatting standards and their options in WordPress, you’ll be a pro in no time.

In this article, I’ll show you how to format your first WordPress blog post. By the end, you should feel confident to offer formatting services to your next paying client. Let’s get started! Keep Reading

3 Skills That Can Increase Your Hireability as a Freelance Writer

Written by Alexander Cordova on July 18, 2017. 6 Comments

A man working on a rubik cube.

Becoming a successful freelance writer is an intense challenge. Sure, it gets easier once you land a few long-term contracts, but the road to get there can be rocky. If you hope to succeed, you’ll need to find a way to stand out among the other writers and increase your hireability.

While there is a lot of competition out there, it isn’t always fierce! This means it doesn’t need to take much to differentiate yourself. When you commit to doing good work and focus on sharpening your talents, there’s no telling where your freelance career might take you.

In this article, I’ll reveal three vital skills that helped me grow my freelance writing career to the point where I no longer worry about finding new clients. For each of these skills, I’ll explain how to learn and use them as a competitive advantage. Let’s get down to business!

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