Leaving Work Behind

Want to Quit Your Day Job? Here Are the 5 Questions You Must Ask Yourself First!

Written by Gina Horkey on December 22, 2015. 5 Comments

Want to Quit Your Day Job?So you want to quit your day job?

Good for you! It’s exciting, isn’t it? But a bit nerve wracking, scary and overwhelming too.

Since it’s kind of a big deal, I think it deserves proper consideration. So I’ve compiled a list of five questions you should ask yourself before giving your boss the pink slip.


1. How Much Money am I Making from My Freelance Business?

And frankly, how predictable is it?

I started my own freelance business as a side hustle, and I’d recommend you do the same. Start building while you’re working full-time if at all possible. This will enable you to make sure it’s viable, use the income to pay down debt (or save it) and make sure it’s something you enjoy.

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Would You Like to Blog About WordPress for a Living?

Written by Tom Ewer on December 8, 2015. 5 Comments

WordCandy logoI’ll cut straight to the chase: WordCandy is growing, and I’m going to take on a full time WordPress blogger based out of our offices in Moseley, Birmingham (UK). It’s a unique and exciting job opportunity for the right kind of person – namely, a talented blogger who loves WordPress!

If you’re interested (or perhaps know someone who might be), you can find out further information and submit an application here.

Please note that this opportunity is only available to those who are able to work from our office in Moseley, Birmingham (UK). I know that rather narrows the playing field, but you never know – one of you guys or gals may be the perfect fit!