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Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year and Ciao for Now!

Written by Tom Ewer on December 23, 2014. 14 Comments

SantaIt’s that time of year again!

Many of us will be downing tools and taking a little time off for Christmas, and I am no exception. Although I’ll be keeping up with my emails over the Christmas and New Year period, I won’t be doing a great deal beyond that. Which means that there won’t be any new posts on Leaving Work Behind for the next couple of weeks.

I’m really excited about helping you all to build successful businesses and live happier lives in 2015 (as well as doing the same for myself!). We’ll be taking stock and pushing forwards come January, but for now I’m taking a break.

So with that said; Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! Enjoy any celebrations you may be partaking in and I’ll see you in 2015!

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How to Make $3,000 Per Month as a Mediocre Writer

Written by Guest Author on December 18, 2014. 32 Comments

Tom: The following is a guest post from Minh Nguyen. I was initially not keen on the title of the post, as I think Minh is a good writer, but that wasn’t always the case. The following is an inspiring story about how Minh transformed himself from a mediocre writer into a successful freelancer. Fast-forward to present day and he’s going from strength to strength!

TypewriterBefore I stumbled upon Tom’s blogging course and his blogging tips, I was a pretty mediocre online writer. Actually, I was terrible.

My blog posts looked like a high school essay – no images, no informative links and no stylistic formatting to make the content look visually pleasing. The paragraphs I wrote were monsters to read.

Even though I didn’t know how to write for the web just yet, I still made a pretty decent living as an online freelance writer. I made my first dollar online submitting an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) article – a type of article that puts SEO ahead of readability. A few months after that, I was making $3,000 per month.

This post is for those who:

In this post, I am going to tell you, step-by-step, exactly how I did it. If you follow what I describe here, I am confident that you can replicate my results, regardless of your writing ability. Keep Reading

How I Turned My Business and Life Around (Plus an Income Update)

Written by Tom Ewer on December 17, 2014. 60 Comments

DollarsIt’s been a long time since I last brought you up to speed on my goings-on.

Why? Because for the past several months, I don’t really feel like I’ve had anything to say! Not a lot has been going on from a business perspective, and I’ve hardly felt like the best possible example of the hard work and sacrifice it takes to leave work behind, nor the level of motivation that is required.

But now I want to take this opportunity to bring you up to speed. The past few months have been eventful in their own way, and I now find myself in a place of relative calm from which I can reflect upon 2014 and consider what I may choose to do in 2015 – both professionally and personally. Keep Reading

15 Actionable Tips for Revamping Your Freelancer Website and Attracting More Clients

Written by Tom Ewer on December 10, 2014. 38 Comments

Available for WorkAs a freelance blogger, ideally you have a blog that you update regularly.

Why? Well, many of my clients wouldn’t have hired me if it weren’t for Leaving Work Behind – maintaining an active blog not only demonstrates that you can write, but it shows that you know what you’re doing when it comes to the world of blogging.

But if not, you should definitely have some kind of portfolio site. It could just be a relatively simple one-pager, or a few pages that contain testimonials, samples, etc.

But regardless of the shape and style of your online presence, it could probably do with a spruce up. In this post I am going to give you some quick and actionable tips that you can use to improve your freelancer website – and attract more clients – in no time at all. Keep Reading

The New Leaving Work Behind Design: Success or Failure?

Written by Tom Ewer on December 2, 2014. 25 Comments

LWB BirdI launched a new design here on Leaving Work Behind a few weeks ago.

Most bloggers launch a new design in the hope that it will boost key metrics like average page views and bounce rate, with a view to ultimately boosting their bottom line. I took a contrarian approach based upon a vision of what I wanted the site to be. As I said when I announced the new design, “Sometimes you just need to do something because it feels right.”

It feels as right today as it did back then, but I know that some of you were interested in how the new design would perform. It’s a question I was keen to answer too – after all, it’s not every day that you get to observe the effects of such a radical design change.

In this post I’ll reveal just how the design has affected key metrics and then ask you for your comments and/or suggestions as to what I can do to make the site even more effective! Keep Reading