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My Free Blogging Course, Beginner Blogging, is Now Live!

Written by Tom Ewer on July 30, 2014. 11 Comments

Beginner BloggingA few weeks ago, I published a post here on Leaving Work Behind where I talked about the awesome opportunities that blogging gives us.

But the bad news was that I felt technical blogging guidance for absolute beginners is lacking. At the time I said:

…while there are endless resources relating to the creative side of blogging (my clear favorite being How to Start a Blog That Matters over at Fizzle), I see far less comprehensive technical help available for complete beginners.

To clarify that point, while there are plenty of technical blogging tutorials spread across the web, I’ve never found a free blogging course that does a great job in showing a complete blogging newbie how to get their blog set up in the way they would like – covering everything from design to functionality and beyond.

So I decided to create that course myself.

Today, I am delighted to announce that the above-mentioned course, Beginner Blogging, is now available for you to access. Oh, and did I mention that it’s completely free? Keep Reading

Why You Should Leave Work Behind to Travel

Written by Guest Author on July 24, 2014. 14 Comments

Tom: This is a truly inspiring guest post by Susan Shain, the founder of Travel Junkette. Having read it, I now want to get up off the couch and immediately see more of the world!

Kayaking in AlaskaWhat’s your biggest dream?

If you’re like many people, it’s “Quitting my job to travel the world.”

Unfortunately, for most, this remains nothing more than a dream. Excuses pile upon life which piles upon excuses, and before they know it, they’re on their deathbed.

For LWB readers, however, it doesn’t have to be just a dream.

With a flexible career, it’s now possible to work while traveling the world – so what are you waiting for? Keep Reading

Things Are Going to Change Around Here…

Written by Tom Ewer on July 21, 2014. 32 Comments

ChangeI’m writing to you from a train heading towards San Diego. I waved goodbye to LA this morning, just as I had done to San Francisco and Portland before it.

In the last couple of weeks – as I have been working my way down the west coast, most notably stopping off in Portland for the World Domination Summit – I have been inspired time and time again. Not only will I get back to the UK on Friday morning with what I consider to be three extremely exciting business ideas, I also have a far clearer (though certainly not transparent!) view of what I want to do with what I already have.

And that leads me to this post, which acts as a milestone for Leaving Work Behind’s next stage of evolution. If you want to find out more, read on. Keep Reading

11 Lessons Learned From Visiting 11 Countries in 11 Months

Written by Guest Author on July 17, 2014. 7 Comments

Tom: This is a guest post by Betsy Ramser, the creator of Live a Greater Story, where she shares her travel adventures and teaches 20-somethings about the importance of living out your ideal story, creating community and adding more fun and joy to everyday life.

Relief workers2013 was the experience of a lifetime for me.

Over the course of 11 months I traveled to 11 different countries throughout Central America, Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia. Although I had already finished college and graduate school, those 11 months shaped me and changed me in ways that 24 years of being in school had been unable to.

Traveling the world is an amazing experience and I would love to be the first to cheer you on. However, if that is not an option right now then explore your own little part of the world more fully.

Regardless of whether you are an extensive world traveler or have vast experience in your home country, I would love to share a piece of what I learned in each country that I visited. My favorite way of connecting is one-on-one with a deeply roasted cup of coffee. So, settle down with some tea or coffee and I will share with you 11 tips from 11 countries around the world. Keep Reading

Practical Things to Remember When You Leave Work Behind

Written by Tom Ewer on July 14, 2014. 12 Comments

ChecklistSo many of us dream of taking the plunge – quitting our 9-5 jobs and living our dream life. That’s what the Leaving Work Behind community is all about.

But while we all understand that a viable, profitable business is a prerequisite for permanent self-employment, there is much more to it than that. Until I started seriously considering quitting my job for good I had no idea of all the things you need to consider.

Though saving up money to meet obligations and bills before you quit naturally comes to us as a responsible and smart thing to do, there are many more things that should make the list of considerations when it comes to saying goodbye to your job. Keep Reading