The 100 Blogs You Need in Your Life [LWB 100 - 2nd Edition]

The 100 Blogs You Need in Your Life [LWB 100 - 2nd Edition]

“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door” ~ Milton Berle (tweet this)

Change can be positive.

I say that from personal experience. On Saturday 23rd June, this blog will be exactly one year old. My life has changed so much in the past year, as has my perspective on what is truly important.

Leaving Work Behind is a reflection of that, as are the 100 blogs listed below – all of which can make up a piece of the puzzle that leads you to leaving work behind and building a better life for yourself.

What Makes This Different

This is the 2nd edition of the LWB 100 (the first was published back in February 2012). A lot has changed in my life and business since then, and the recent re-launch of this very blog is testament to that.

Accordingly, what you will see below is a very different list to the first edition. I am publishing a 2nd edition because I think it is a vast improvement on the first LWB 100 – I wouldn’t publish a new edition under any other circumstances.

This edition of the LWB 100 features an enormous number of new entries. Each and every one of these blogs has taken pride of place in my RSS reader at one point or another, as I have manually reviewed each and every one of them to determine whether or not they are worthy of inclusion.

This is a labor of love – not a shallow attempt at link bait.

Before You Start

There are a few things you should take note of before starting with the list:

  • You can sort the blogs numerically and alphabetically by clicking on the relevant header.
  • Each blog has been categorized by a consideration of its main focus, and the entire list can be sorted by category by clicking on the relevant header. If you feel that a blog has been incorrectly categorized, please let me know.
  • If you feel that a worthy blog has been missed off the list, please let me know! It may not have made the cut, or I may have missed it. Either way, I would like to know.

With that said, let’s get to it!

The Leaving Work Behind 100 [2nd Edition]

1SEOmoz BlogSEO
4Social Media ExaminerSocial Media
5Daily Blog TipsBlogging
6Seth GodinMarketing
7Four Hour Work Week BlogLeaving Work Behind
8Zen HabitsPersonal Development
9Freelance SwitchFreelancing
10Smart Passive IncomeInternet Marketing
11QuicksproutInternet Marketing
12Get Rich SlowlyPersonal Finance
13Entrepreneur's JourneyInternet Marketing
14Shoe MoneyInternet Marketing
15Chris BroganSocial Media
16Occam's RazorSEO
18Famous BloggersBlogging
19ViperchillInternet Marketing
20Income DiaryInternet Marketing
21Duct Tape MarketingInternet Marketing
23Traffic Generation CafeŽMarketing
24KISSMetricsInternet Marketing
25Freelance FolderFreelancing
26Brian GardnerInternet Marketing
27Young EntrepreneurEntrepreneurship
28Think TrafficMarketing
29Dumb Little ManProductivity
30The Art of Non-ConformityLeaving Work Behind
31KikolaniSocial Media
32Social TriggersMarketing
33Buffer BlogSocial Media
34Derek SiversEntrepreneurship
35Young Pre ProFreelance Writing
36Smart Blog on Social MediaSocial Media
37PotPieGirlInternet Marketing
38Niche PursuitsNiche Sites
39Social @ Blogging TrackerSocial Media
40Steve Scott SiteAffiliate Marketing
41IM ImpactInternet Marketing
42Danny BrownSocial Media
43Dan ZarrellaSocial Media
44The Sales LionMarketing
45Firepole MarketingMarketing
46Man vs. DebtPersonal Finance
47chrisg.comSocial Media
48White Hot TruthLeaving Work Behind
49AdSense FlippersNiche Sites
50Write To DoneFreelance Writing
51Make Money On The InternetInternet Marketing
52Change Your Thoughts - Change Your LifePersonal Development
53Rise To The TopEntrepreneurship
54Men With PensMarketing
55My Wife Quit Her JobEntrepreneurship
56Retire @ 21Entrepreneurship
57Jonathan FieldsEntrepreneurship
58Illuminated MindLeaving Work Behind
59StrayBloggerInternet Marketing
60Live Your LegendLeaving Work Behind
62Success WorksSEO
63Escape From Cubicle NationLeaving Work Behind
64Pushing SocialSocial Media
65Make A Living WritingFreelance Writing
66Location 180Leaving Work Behind
67Virtual Business LifestyleOutsourcing
68Inbound ProInternet Marketing
69The Bad BloggerBlogging
70Passive PandaInternet Marketing
71Prolific LivingLeaving Work Behind
73Tropical MBAInternet Marketing
74Online Income StarInternet Marketing
75The Suitcase EntrepreneurLeaving Work Behind
76Sparring MindMarketing
77Jeff KorhanInternet Marketing
78Reviews 'n' TipsBlogging
79Life & Times of an Internet MarketerInternet Marketing
80The Traveling WriterSocial Media
81Blog Marketing AcademyBlogging
82Virtual Assistant LiveEntrepreneurship
83Build A Little BizEntrepreneurship
84Motivational MemoPersonal Development
86The Digital WriterFreelance Writing
87The One QuestionPersonal Development
88Justice Wordlaw IVAffiliate Marketing
89Content Marketing StrategyMarketing
90Ruth Zive CopywritingMarketing
91Foolish AdventureInternet Marketing
92Create As FolkEntrepreneurship
93Grad Meets WorldLeaving Work Behind
94The Boomerang KidLeaving Work Behind
95My 4-Hour WorkweekInternet Marketing
96Lifestyle IgnitionEntrepreneurship
97Life StokedPersonal Development
98Blog to BusinessBlogging
99Love Work NowLeaving Work Behind
100Rocker Life CoachEntrepreneurship

What Now?

Simple - start exploring!

I would recommend that you sort the blogs by category and pick a few that are of interest. You can of course bookmark this post and come back to it whenever you want to find out more on a specific topic.

I would not recommend that you try to read a lot of the blogs all in one go – the blogs aren’t going anywhere, so pace yourself!

Please Take A Moment To Spread The Word

The LWB 100 took me a staggering amount of time to put together – in fact, the 2nd edition took me even longer than the 1st. I would be extremely appreciative if you would take a moment to share it with your friends and followers.

If you would like to feature the list on your own blog, you are more than welcome to do so, but please – link back to Leaving Work Behind.

Thank you so much for your help.

Creative Commons photo courtesy of scragz


  1. says

    Hi Tom, what a great list!

    I know many of the sites but there are a few I don’t know.

    I think for those who are looking to make changes in their life, it’s important to go in search for those pieces of the puzzle… and this list helps for sure.

    The other great thing about this you get to meet some amazing people along the way.

    Thanks for putting this together. I know there’s a lot of work involved – I once compiled a list of 75 websites and it took me forever!

    • says

      Hi Dave,

      This took just a little bit shorter than forever…not much though ;)

      I like how you put it though – finding the pieces of the puzzle. I wouldn’t be where I am without some of these blogs, and that is no exaggeration.



  2. William kennedy says

    I don’t know why the Steve pavlina blog doesn’t get a mention. There is a lot of great posts on that blog. He is probably one of the best in terms of personal development.

    Still a great list to get through. Time to open some tabs

    • says

      That’s a good suggestion William – I used to read Steve’s blog going back a lot of years (before I really read *any* blogs). I’ll be sure to consider it for the next edition!

  3. Mias Muller says

    I have two things to say to you mate…

    1) Remember, you-have-to-sleep-sometimes, what happened to the Tom of “Why I am no longer in a Rush to get rich”
    2) How did they implant a USB socket on your body to enable you to process that much information!!!

    I want to say keep it up, but I’m afraid you may explode…

    PS: I am really liking your articles on ManageWP

    • says

      Hey Mias,

      1. This post aint gonna make me rich, or any money at all, for that matter! But I love the idea of exposing all of these great blogs to you guys.

      2. I’m not going to pretend it was easy – about 45-60 mins a day trawling through my RSS reader. I think the end result was worth it though :)

      Glad you like the articles on ManageWP!



  4. says

    I know a lot of these, but still tons I’ve never explored! I’ve got some serious reading to do! The only must read of mine that isn’t up there is Michael Hyatt’s blog. You should check it out!

    Oh, and THANKS for including me!

  5. says

    Awesome list! I’d like to offer my site for how deal with burnout. I follow a lot of these excellent blogs and the information can be overwhelming and lead to burnout.

    The Burnout Specialist

  6. says

    Tom again its an honor to be included in such a list of great bloggers and online leaders such as Seth Godin, Steve Scott and Corbett Barr. So many more on this list that have taught me so much.

    Again your blog has become a must read as well You are a RockStar in my book for all you have done and to share such great wisdom with your readers, this information read here is worth millions to those who apply it..

    Rock On


  7. says


    This is my first time on your site and you’ve made a great first impression!

    The list is amazing and definitely something helpful that I can come back to and find great blogs to get info from.

    Hopefully my blog will make the cut next go round! :-D

  8. says

    Hey Tom,

    I think the reason I love this list so much, okay other than the fact that I’m on it, is that it’s obvious you really read and care about the stuff you find on these blogs – there are a lot of big names on here that end up on a lot of list, for good reasons, but there’s a fair share of blogs I was not familiar with that only show up on these lists as people read the content over time.

    Thanks for sharing – may I suggest creating an OPML file!

    • says

      Hey John,

      First of all, thanks for taking the time to stop by!

      Secondly, I’m really glad you’ve recognized the time and effort that went into producing this list. It’s all too easy to be accused of “link baiting” (in a derogatory sense), but my primary aim here is to help people find awesome resources. I hope the list can do that!

      Thanks again! :)


      P.S. If I knew how to create an OPML file, I would ;)

      • says

        John, that’s impressive and insane at the same time! How do you process it all? My head is spinning with all of the awesomeness of this list. Excellent recommendations (though I’d add in businessesgrow by Mark Schaefer to the list to make it you’re top 101 :)

  9. says

    Wow! Amazing list. Thanks! I was glad to see that I already refer to quite a lot of these blogs – otherwise I would be reading instead of working for days and days! Some great new additions though that I’ll be checking out over time :)

  10. says

    Hey Tom,

    That’s an enormous list – I see an addition of many bloggers I follow and respect. Although I am bit sad that some of my favorite sites didn’t make the list (such as and Basic blog tips).

    Anyways, thank you for including Blog Preneurs in the list :) We are grateful for your mention!

    Jeevan Jacob John

  11. says

    Wow – what an awesome list!! Thank you so much for putting this together and sharing it with the world. It is fantastic. I am going to save this and come back to it to check out all the links.
    I would like to ask a question – do you visit each of these blogs regularly? And what was the criteria for constructing both this list and the original/1st edition?
    Thank you :)

    • says

      Hey Sonya,

      I don’t visit all of the blogs regularly (i.e. every few days) – I just don’t have that kind of time. However, leading up to producing this list, I was reading every single one of these blogs (and plenty more that didn’t make the list) every single day.

      The criteria for the 2nd edition was simple – I was looking for blogs that could help people quit their jobs and build a better life. This obviously targets a wide range of topics (hence the categories). The quality and uniqueness of posts were my main considerations.



  12. DX says

    Great list!

    Would be excellent to see some blogs aimed at designers (I’m a graphic designer about to leave work behind and either freelance as a designer or preferably start my own design studio business).

  13. says

    Hi Tom, what a huge effort you put in to create such a massive list :) Thanks for introducing me to several blogs I yet to follow. Also, not forgeting to thank you for #39, it’s a huge honor!

    • says

      Haha! I would have to include myself in that list if it were the case ;)

      WPMU is a bit too technical in its content – if we did more in the way of blogging tips etc, it would be on the list.

  14. says

    Awesome, awesome list.. SO thrilled to see so many blogs I already know of but even MORE thrilled to see some amazing new ones waiting to be explored! I came across your blog and the list via Build a Little Biz and yep, am hooked.

    • says

      Hello Sheyi – always a pleasure to hear from you! And I’m glad this post takes pride of place in your new laptop :)

      I’ve got your blog down for consideration in the 3rd edition.



    • says

      Exile Lifestyle and Get Busy Living are both excellent suggestions – they’re in the mix for next time! Art of Manliness isn’t really on topic ;)

  15. says

    It is a big decision to leave a job….But I think to work freely as a awesome decision…..

    I hope your decision works well as like mine :). It is a great list Tom.

  16. says

    Tom- I missed your email somehow… Thanks for putting me on your list again. I just read your guest post on NichePursuits and I’m glad your blog is doing so well for you.

  17. says

    I think those are the best blogs ever. I have heard about the top 5 of them but not the ones below, perhaps a few here and there. I am booking marking this page so that I can come back to it again to see what are the rest of the blogs are all about. I am sure there are lots of things to learn from them. Thank you for this list.

  18. says

    This is truly a great resource. I bookmarked alot of the blogs on this list for further reading. I’m working on being on the list next time around.


  19. Preston says

    Tom, you may have shared this on your blog, but I’m new here. Can I ask, what tool/plug-in did you use to embed that list above? I like how you can sort by category, etc. Very clean. Thanks.

  20. says

    Wow, some list.
    This is probably the best idea cause i lose track of al the blogs I follow and have several bookmarks all jumbled up and many split between the three different browsers i use.

  21. says

    Wow – Found you today from Problogger linking here. I can only image the work you put into this post!

    An organized, sortable table of the top blogs that your audience should know about is a great resource. Bravo man bravo! :)

  22. says

    Amazing post Tom !! I had not heard the names of over 90% of the blogs you listed here (now I have ;) ) You did not mention Webpronews OR Searchengineland here? Thats a bit shocking !!

  23. says

    Happy birthday, LWB!

    Nice to see some new names on the list…

    Struggling to keep my mouth shut about seeing some blogs on the list, but hey – this is your list, not mine, right? lol

    Thanks for honoring TGC with the inclusion!

  24. says

    Thanks Tom.

    FANTASTIC list. Bookmarked, Tweeted, G+, and FB liked.

    As a fledgling blogger, I’m always looking for new resources. This is great. Thanks much.

  25. says

    Good post – lots of inspiring sites listed (how should I allocate my time now between work and research?).
    Tom, one question , please: How did you create the sortable table? Is this a plugin or standard WP functionality? (I am quite new WP and would like to include something table-like in my site again for product comparisons).

    Thanks in avance for a quick reply.

  26. says

    Love this list. Kind of surprised that I know a lot of blogs on this list. I guess the blogoshpere is NOT as big as I thought?

    Still, plenty of people i do NOT know and should check out…

  27. says

    Tom, this is really excellent! I have already come across one or two, but there is a unbelievable wealth of knowledge information and advice in this list. I also think that your suggestion in your book on guest posting, using inurl search (which was a new one formerly) is another great tool to use in finding blogs in my niche of public speaking/storytelling/coaching. Again, thanks for the advice and being so generous with your content.

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